Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pregnancy Journal

Hi everyone!! Sorry it has been so long since my last post.

My childhood friend recently found out that she was pregnant after trying for just over 18 months, YAY. So happy for her and her husband.

So I got to thinking how a hand made journal would be so much nicer than a bought one. I got cracking on making one straight away! The book is A5. I didnt embellish the album much as I thought she could do that however she wished. She said to me earlier that she wanted the babies things to be green and white so I did the album in green.

I went online to a mummy website to get the 1-42 weeks pregnancy for mum and baby info and printed that out, so that was one section.

The first page of the book is a family tree, the next was a space for a photo of her the day she found out that she was pregnant then it went into the week-by-week pregnancy mummy and baby info. I also did pages like pregnancy sucks because... pregnancy is cool because... Who I first told, the basic things you would find in a pregnancy journal. I also did a section for baby bump photos. On the page it had a 4x6 photo mat with an oval punch down the bottom to write what week it was - I didnt write the weeks in as I wanted her to be able to start from whenever and also she could use them for various other photos. The book was bound by rings so she is easily able to rearrange things and use them for other uses not their intended use. I also did a section on baby shower photos and a journal section. On the first journal page was a note from me to her.

She absolutely loved the journal THANK GOD! I gave her flowers and other papers matching the journal so she can embellish whereever :)

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