Saturday, January 5, 2013

Journal Page Swap!!

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a while. I originally wanted to have all of my online art friends do a page in my journal, post it around the world! However, I realise this would have been EXTREMELY costly and just not practical. So, last night whilst in Google Hangouts, the lovely Dana C suggests a Journal Page Swap instead! So here we are! Thanks Dana :)

The way it will work....

Once the list of interested parties has been finalised, each will be sent a list of the participants with addresses (so only those who are happy with their addresses being provided to all parties should participate) and this will be who you make a journal page for.

You will have 2 months to complete these pages and post them out.

The journal pages do not need to be identical if you do not wish them to be. They can be personalised for that particular person (see page I recently did in my mothers journal personalised for her but in my style and colours down below).

They must be all the same size, which is 5x8.

All pages should be relatively flat so as to make it easier for the other participants to post and also bind in their journals. 

The journal page can be done in whatever media, style you so desire, as the whole idea of this swap is to have a piece of that persons ART. Their style, their colours, their way.

Also don't forget to sign your page!! :)

If you are interested please email me at together with your name, address and confirmation as to whether or not you allow the receiver to take photos of the page received and/or post on their blog etc.  If you take a photo of someones journal page and upload to twitter, blog, etc remember to give credit as to whose journal page it is. 

I will nut out the finer details (as to when it will start, etc) shortly.



  1. Great post!!! Please, I was teasing that it was my idea. Definitely all YOU girlfriend. You just got my gears spinning! Glad you decided on one size, the more I thought about it the more I thought I would want my very SPECIAL art friend journal to be the best it can be! I am already daydreaming about how to bind it! I hope this keeps going, I want a page from EVERYONE!! {hint, hint Vicki!!}

    1. HAHA my gears are also spinning! :)
      lol YES VICKI!!!! maybe we could trickerhead her into signing up Dana!? We must work on that :)