Sunday, November 10, 2013

Art Journal Page Swap Round 3 !!

Hi Everyone!!

So it is that time again!! Round 2 deadline has passed and it is now time for Round 3 SIGNUPS!! I am sooooooo happy with the turnout we have had for Round 2, a total of 23 participants!!! Once all pages have been received I will do another YouTube video for all others to see :) Photos of Round 1 can be found here.

Please note that we will actually not start Round 3 officially till 4th January 2014 as Christmas/New Year is quite a busy time in my life as I am sure it is with all of you too. I am also aware of other crafty commitments too :)  So if you sign up now, you actually get 8 weeks to think of what you are going to do for your page before we actually begin! :)

Rules are same as previous rounds, as listed below:-

Deadline for participants to sign up is 3rd January 2014 with Round 2 commencing on 4th January 2014.  The deadline will be the same as it was for Rounds 1 and 2, being that you will have 1 week per participant.  So if we get a total of 10 participants, that will make it a 10 week deadline to have all posted out by (15th March 2014), or 11 participants, 11 week deadline (22nd March 2014), so on and so forth. Once the list of interested parties has been finalised, each will be sent a list of the participants with addresses (so only those who are happy with their addresses being provided to all parties should participate) and this will be who you make a journal page for.

The journal pages do not need to be identical if you do not wish them to be.

They must be all the same size, which is 5x8.

All pages should be relatively flat so as to make it easier for the other participants to post and also bind in their journals. Pages can be either portrait or landscape, which ever you choose.

The journal page can be done in whatever media, style you so desire, as the whole idea of this swap is to have a piece of that persons ART. Their style, their colours, their way.

Also don't forget to sign your page!! :)

If you are interested please email me at together with your name, address and confirmation as to whether or not you allow the receiver to take photos of the page received and/or post on their blog etc.  If you take a photo of someones journal page and upload to twitter, blog, etc remember to give credit as to whose journal page it is.

Hope to hear from old and new :-)

Take Care,

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